Not satisfied? Here’s how to reach out.

When dealing with complaints, you can be assured of the following:

  • We will review your complaint in a timely manner
  • We will only ask relevant information
  • You will be treated with respect and kindness
  • Your information will remain confidential
  • You can inquire about your complaint at any time

To make things easier, we offer different ways to file a complaint. You can:

Send an email with any supporting material to:

Call any of the numbers appearing on the back of your insurance card. They’re listed below for your convenience.

Send or hand deliver a letter (with any supporting material) to the location closest to you.

When sending or calling, be sure to indicate that you’d like the Complaints Officer to review your information.

Still not satisfied?

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the solution provided by us, you have the right to escalate your complaint to a Cigna Senior Manager. Your escalation will be acknowledged and a written answer will be provided within two working weeks of your escalation.

If you still need additional assistance, you can write to the following Regulatory Authority.