Download The Cigna Envoy App

Download The Cigna Envoy App

Imagine having the flexibility of accessing all your insurance claims and policy information, from anywhere, at anytime! The Cigna envoy app gives you just that. With Cigna Envoy you can:

  1. Submit and view the status of a claim at any time
  2. View or print ID cards for you and your family
  3. Access a list of nearby healthcare providers
  4. View or modify compliance status

Simply use your Cigna ID to register at or download the Cigna Envoy app!

Cigna Envoy Offers Many Benefits To Both Employers and Employees.

Whether you are an employer who has taken Cigna protection for the office or an employee who enjoys the health insurance cover at work, the Cigna Envoy app is designed to make your life easier.

Powerful Tools For Employers

  1. View the list of employees on the plan and track their usage
  2. Manage compliance
  3. Delegate compliance document uploads to team members

Managing Becomes Easier For Employees

  1. Manage claims, policies and ID cards
  2. Find and consult healthcare providers near you
  3. Submit claims directly through your mobile device

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Your Health Insurance Coverage Online Using Cigna Envoy?

As a Cigna member, you just have to sign into your Cigna Envoy page. All your information will be displayed on your dashboard.

How To File A Health Insurance Claim?

We have simplified the process of submitting health insurance claims for employees. Just log in to your Cigna Envoy account through any device, click on the ‘My Claims’ tab and follow the steps given there to successfully submit a claim.

Can Employers Track Their Employees Health Insurance Usage?

Yes, employers can keep track of the insurance usage of their employees as they have monitoring controls. Cigna Insurance provides a 360-degree view of all employee plans, usage and claims through our signature Cigna Envoy platform.

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