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Individual, Family And Expat Health Insurance

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Why Choose Cigna Medical Insurance

When you choose Cigna as your healthcare partner, you are entitled to peace of mind in the toughest of situations. You receive expert health insurance support that includes:

  • An extensive healthcare network of 1.5 million partnerships in over 200 countries.
  • An affordable range of plans covering every possible medical support.
  • A promise of record turnarounds in claims processing and in-patient authorizations.
  • These are just some of the ways Cigna delivers high-quality global health services to its customers – 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Which Plan Is Right For Me?

Cigna's plans offer various levels of cover, and the plan you choose will depend on your budget and the regions you may travel ind. You may add flexible modules over and above the plan that you select .

Cigna Healthguard

Cigna Essential Benefits Plan

In January 2022, Cigna Insurance Middle East received the honour of being granted a Participating Insurer (PI) license by the Dubai Health Insurance Corporation (DHIC), allowing us to also offer the Dubai Essential Benefits plan to Lower Salary Band individuals earning AED 4,000 or less.

As champions of affordable, predictable, and simple health care, we strive to innovate and build on our robust range of products. We are thrilled by the prospects of making quality health care more accessible to Individuals in Dubai.

Plan Overview

We are excited to announce the launch of Cigna Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), a new addition to our existing range of products that enables us to provide health insurance solutions to Lower Salary Band (LSB) and non-LSB individuals in Dubai.

4 reasons to choose Cigna Essential Benefits Plan (EBP)

  1. Have peace of mind knowing you are covered by a deeply experienced, world-renowned health insurer
  2. Designed to make health insurance affordable, simple and predictable
  3. Simple, multi-lingual tools to help you understand your plan and how to access care
  4. 24/7 customer service helpline

Click here to access the full Table of Benefits including exclusions.

Click here to access the policy terms and conditions.

For access to our full network list, please click here (Please note that the network list is subject to change).

LSB individual KV

Plan Details and Requirements

Document Checklist

In order to purchase the Cigna Essential Benefits Plan, you will need to submit the following:

  1. Emirates ID copy for you and your sponsor
  2. Passport copy for you and your sponsor
  3. Visa copy for you and your sponsor
  4. Previous insurance certificate (if applicable)
  5. Salary certificate – for proof of a domestic workers salary- Click here to download a template
  6. The Employee Contract of a sponsor who earns less than AED 4,000 when they are looking to insure themselves, their spouse, parents and/or child.
  7. Completed Application Form – Click here to download

If you would like to proceed with purchasing the plan, please send us the completed application form along with the other documents in the checklist above by clicking on the ‘Email us’ button below.

Click here to view the frequently asked questions.


What you need to pay

If you earn less than AED 4,000 per month – AED 730*

If you earn more than AED 4,000 per month – As per the table below

Age Group
Age 0-17
Age 18-24
Age 25-29
Age 30-34
Age 35-39
Age 40-44
Age 45-49
Age 50-54
Age 55-59

*Rates may differ depending on maternity status.

For queries relating to the basic Cigna Essential benefit Plan, please email us on
For queries relating to our Comprehensive Healthguard individual product, please click here



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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Health Insurance For My Parents?

While companies in most countries of the UAE are mandated to provide insurance for the employees and sometimes their dependents as well, you may also opt for direct family insurance that includes your parents and dependents. Cigna family health insurance plans offer a range of benefits such as inpatient and outpatient treatments, maternity care, mental healthcare, etc., to take care of you and your family.

For more information, visit our family health insurance section, or you can also reach out to us at


How To Get Health Insurance For My Child?

Children are covered in family insurance plans, which would be more cost-effective than covering minors separately. Children’s health insurance should cover dental, vision and other expected healthcare elements of childhood.

What is Covered in Health Insurance?

Cigna health insurance offers flexible plans to suit different budgets or regions. However, all the plans have common services that include in-patient treatment, day-patient treatment, and across costs of surgery, prescriptive drugs, basic maternity care, cancer care, mental health care and sometimes dental.

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