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For all Cigna members, we provide varying degrees of promotion, engagement and champion support. This comes in the form of dedicated Cigna team crafting and implementing strategies as well as delivering tailored content in order to build successful awareness initiatives.

We believe that achieving work-life balance is key to attain peace-of-mind and in that spirit, our programmes are tailored to empower you in taking the right steps in improving your health.

These programmes, designed in a basic or comprehensive way are meant to respond to a range of specific topics such as:

  • Access to wellbeing App: For one of access to wellbeing programs and much more on a single mobile app to the Middle East market.
  • Target Risk Assessment (TRA): For each identified risk area, these assessments cover sleep, stress, nutrition, and physical activity.
  • Teleheath: 24/7/365 access to a doctor within 24-72 hours*, available globally in multiple languages
  • Chronic Case Management: Cigna’s Chronic case program provides proactive outreach to customers identified with certain health conditions in order to help individual manage their condition through health coaching


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