Employees are the pillars of every organization. You must strive to keep them satisfied and content if you want your business to soar to new heights of success. If you are the owner of a small business enterprise consisting of more than 50 full-time employees, then you must check out and buy the best small business health insurance policies for your employees. In the Middle East, it is also mandatory for employers to provide health insurance to employees. There are various group health insurance options that offer great advantages. You can select the best group insurance for small businesses by checking the multiple factors that would benefit your employees the most. This step will also let your workforce get the assurance that you care for their health and wellness, and it will even encourage them to assert their loyalties towards the organization.


Here are a few factors which small businesses should consider when selecting a health insurance package/policy for their employees


While opting for the best health insurance options for small businesses, you must look out for coverage plans that do not let your employees go through the hassle of submitting a lot of paperwork. The more accessible the services are, the better are the chances of keeping your employees content. Coverage choices such as in-patient treatment, maternity care, pre-existing and chronic conditions treatment, day-care surgery, mental health services, cancer treatment, etc., are some of the most sought-for and important options. You must check for plans that include such options.


Cost is one of the prime considerations that many small organizations consider before selecting the best health insurance for small business owners. The rates for the best small business health insurance policies are defined by several variables, including premiums and deductibles. For instance, if you wish to get a low premium every month, then you must opt for a deductible plan.


While opting for the best group health insurance, apart from other options, you must also check the list of hospitals that are covered. Selecting a plan that includes hospitals that are near your organization or to the places where your employees stay might be beneficial.


The best business health insurance policies come with add-ons, such as dental treatment, hearing treatment, vision treatment, and mental health care services. If your organization has many expatriates, then to ensure that they feel at home or are comfortable in a new place, you can opt for mental health care services.

Tax Benefits

By providing the best small businesses' health insurance coverage plans to your employees, your organization will benefit too. You can claim a tax deduction and decrease the total price of health insurance.

Choose The Right Benefits For Your Employees With Cigna Group Health Insurance Plans

At Cigna, we offer the best small business health insurance plans that are flexible and affordable. Our plans aim to deliver enhanced benefits for you and your employees while ensuring that they cost less.

The SmartCare Plan

The SmartCare Plan is an affordable plan designed to offer high-value health benefits and care at the right cost. There are three SmartCare plans with a wide array of options that you can select from. These plans will provide access to health care services across the Middle East without going through any complicated process.

Some of the other key features that come with the plans are as follows:

  • Annual maximum cover of up to AED 5 million
  • Coverage for pre-existing illnesses and chronic conditions
  • Full cancer treatment coverage as per the opted plan and without co-insurance
  • Mental health services and counseling via the Employee Assistance Program (no member cost)
  • Psychiatric face-to-face consultations without co-insurance
  • Cover for pandemics as per the opted plan
  • Coverage for optional routine checkups, daycare, and in-patient services including private accommodation
  • Regional cover (option to extend it to your home country)
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Dental and vision treatment Add ons
  • Employee Assistance Program

For more details download our SmartCare Plan brochure here.

GlobalCare Flexible Plan

The Smartcare plan, which has three plans to choose from, is designed for regional coverage with an optional add-on for expats, while the Globacare flexible plan is designed to provide healthcare protection for your employees from the GCC to all over the world. It features eight types of fully compliant and inclusive plans and also offers employers dedicated client managers along with the assurance of higher benefits.

Benefits for the employees include the following:

  • 24/7 telephonic customer care service
  • Direct settlement options
  • Reimbursements and pre-approvals in no time
  • 3 Network Options
  • 4 Maternity Annual Maximums
  • 2 annual cover limits
  • 5 annual maximums
  • 3 areas of cover
  • In-patient cash benefits
  • Free doctor consultations (audio/video conferencing through the Cigna Wellbeing App)
  • Find a doctor and easy reimbursement via Cigna Envoy (global servicing platform)
  • Optional Add-ons for wellness services, dental treatment, and vision treatment

For more details download our Flexible Plan brochure here.

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