Choosing a comprehensive group health insurance policy for employees and their dependents promotes a positive work environment and encourages mutual trust. It acts as a strong motivational factor for employees to perform better while providing them with better value. A good group health insurance policy helps employers attract and retain better talent. The larger group size facilitates smaller premiums for a wider variety of coverage, even for multiple pre-existing conditions. Besides the considerable cost savings that they offer, they are also a prime tax-saving opportunity for both employers and employees.

How Does Group Health Insurance Work?

Cigna’s group medical insurance policy comprises 8 fully compliant plans that you can choose from. These plans can be comprehensive or general and differ based on network, area of coverage, annual maximum cover including copays and out-of-network reimbursements, maternity care and evacuation services. In cases where there are pre-existing or chronic conditions, treatment charges are covered as well. Group health insurance policies also provide the option of add-ons which include dental treatment, vision care and preventative wellness.
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Benefits Of A Group Health Insurance Plan

Group health insurance benefits include availing a health plan at a lower cost since the probability of the insurer requiring treatment is shared by the group. At Cigna, we offer access to over 3000 healthcare providers in the UAE, along with telehealth services. You can also enjoy direct settlement options where employees need only show their Cigna ID card to the healthcare provider. Whether you require a pre-approval or a reimbursement, Cigna makes sure the process is streamlined and swift.

Group Health Insurance Premiums and costs covered

The group health insurance coverage at Cigna can be standard or optional. The standard cover includes inpatient treatment, maternity care, out-of-network reimbursement and treatment for pre-existing and chronic conditions whereas optional cover offers dental treatment, eye care and preventative wellness. Health insurance coverage is influenced by premiums which are a regular payment made to the insurance provider in order to keep one’s plan active. Group health insurance premiums can be paid by employees via payroll deductions. Higher group health insurance premiums generally provide lower out of pocket costs to employees, with higher total coverage as well. For example, a plan with a certain premium may offer coverage of up to 250,000 AED with a 20% co-pay deductible for medication and consultations up to a maximum of 50 AED. On the other hand, a plan with a premium about 60% higher may offer coverage of up to 7,500,000 AED with all inpatient, consultation and outpatient costs covered for the insured.

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Why Use Cigna Envoy App

The Cigna Envoy app is designed to help you avail your health insurance benefits and resources at any time and at any place. The app lets you take pictures of a claim and submit it directly through the app. You can also search for nearby healthcare providers or reach out to our Cigna customer care representative for guidance in selecting a provider best suited to your plan. For Employers, the app can simplify plan management in multiple ways. It enables the delegation of compliance data to multiple team members and departments and can track plan usage.