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At Cigna, we constantly monitor the geopolitical environment to ensure we can continue to support the health, well-being and peace of mind of our customers.

The recent developments in Russia and Ukraine have resulted in the imposition of sanctions on certain financial institutions in Russia.

The imposition of sanctions means that Cigna will be unable to make payments to the following Russia bank accounts:

  • Bank Belveb OJSC
  • Bank Dabrabyt Joint-Stock Company
  • Bank Rossiya
  • Belarus Bank of Development and Reconstruction Belinvestbank Joint Stock Company
  • Black Sea Bank
  • Central Bank of Russia
  • IS Bank
  • Joint Stock Company Genbank
  • Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Novikombank
  • OJSC Promsvyazbank
  • Open Joint Stock Company Sovocombank
  • PJSC Promsvyazbank
  • Prominvestbank
  • Promsvyazbank
  • Public Joint Stock Company Bank Financial Corporation Otkritie
  • Vnesheconombank (VEB)
  • VTB Bank and various branches (Public Joint-Stock Company)

Last updated: March 4, 2022, 8:15pm U.S. ET

Please note this list may expand on short notice as sanctions evolve. Effective immediately, Cigna is legally prohibited from accepting or sending payments to any customer, provider, client or broker that has an account with any bank on the sanctioned list.

If you need to access care during your visit to Russia, and if your healthcare provider holds an account at a sanctioned bank, then you will have to make the payment for services to the provider directly.

We will reimburse your claim into a bank account that is not with a sanctioned bank, subject to the applicable terms and conditions of your policy with Cigna. You can provide us with your bank account details via Cigna Envoy or when submitting a claim.

Whilst we strive to limit the impact on our members to an absolute minimum, additional information may be asked for, and extra steps may need to be taken in order to accommodate for the consequences of the sanctions.


We recommend that members avoid elective treatments within Russia, as direct billing may not be available in the present circumstance.

We would like to remind you of the following services available to you.

  • Cigna Envoy®

    Clients can quickly and conveniently locate a nearby in-network doctor or medical facility using the Cigna Envoy mobile app or website — It’s simple to search our health care professional directory.

  • Global Telehealth

    Clients can speak directly with a doctor via phone or a video consultation using the Cigna Wellbeing® mobile app.

We’re available 24/7 to assist with your health and wellbeing needs; simply contact us on the numbers available on the back of your Cigna insurance card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Covered in Health Insurance?

Cigna health insurance offers flexible plans to suit different budgets or regions. However, all the plans have common services that include in-patient treatment, day-patient treatment, and across costs of surgery, prescriptive drugs, basic maternity care, cancer care, mental health care and sometimes dental.

Examine the list of benefits carefully to ensure that you have selected a plan that is just right for you.

How To Pick The Best Health Insurance Plan?

Select the healthcare insurance plan that is right for you. This will vary depending on your age (pay for higher coverage as you get older), individual or family, living in your country of origin or as an expatriate (needing repatriation facilities and guest visitations).

Why Do I Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance is the only way to meet the high costs of modern hospitals and treatments, in the event of any injury or illness. Also, in UAE, companies must provide health insurance to employees and their family members, to be compliant.

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