Dedicate 5% of your time to supporting mental health in the workplace.

With just 5% of your time, we can help senior leaders and managers improve mental wellbeing in the workplace.

I’m taking a 15% pledge. Dedicating time to my people is important. If I can’t give their mental health 15% of the time, I don’t think I’m doing the job.

James Lafferty, CEO – Fine Hygienic Holding
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Together, we can improve mental health in your workplace.

When senior leaders commit just 5% of their time to actively listen, enact positive changes, and prioritize mental health, the benefits extend to employees and employers.

With tools, resources, and support from Cigna Healthcare, senior leaders can confidently start building an actionable plan today.  

Take the Pledge

If you’ve taken the 5% pledge, you’re probably thinking, "what can I do next?"

While organizations and teams within organizations have different needs and dynamics, these 5 action items can help you get started now.

  • Announce your commitment

  • Start assessing the needs of your organization

  • Listen to team leaders and employees to understand their needs

  • Plan and implement a strategy that drives actionable changes

  • Track your journey and share your story

Get started with these tools and resources

After taking the pledge, you'll be able to access the following:

  • A Health and Risk Assessment (HRA)

  • A 5-day burnout program by LVL Wellbeing

  • Mental health check-ups for employees by German Neuroscience Centre (GNC)

  • Webinar and whitepaper that addresses the unique needs of employers

They have taken the 5% Pledge

5 reasons for senior leadership to take the 5% Pledge


Show commitment and dedication

Employees are a company’s most important asset. Taking the pledge lets them know you care about their personal happiness and professional satisfaction.


Attract top industry

Companies prioritizing mental health are seen as more caring and attractive to potential employees.


Empower your organization and employees

Through Cigna Healthcare, you’ll be able to access cutting-edge tools and resources through our mental health and wellness partners – LVL Wellbeing, German Neuroscience Centre, and more


Support Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

Creating a more supportive and positive work environment – for all – reinforces your commitment to DEI.


Cigna Healthcare will be there every step of the way

In recent years, we’ve increased our focus and commitment to mental health. We are ready and eager to support both employers and employees.