Group Health Insurance for Employees

Cigna Healthcare provides affordable, flexible, and locally compliant medical insurance for businesses in the Middle East. Get the best health insurance for your employees.

Strong Global and Local Networks

Access to over 3,000 healthcare providers in the UAE and over 5,000 in the Middle East

Experience You Trust

225+ year heritage in healthcare, 60 years serving people globally and 20 years in the Middle East

Round-the-clock Service

24/7/365 access to multilingual customer service experts

People First

Work with transparency, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to the health of our customers

About Employee Health Insurance

Employee health insurance, often known as group health insurance, is a benefit an individual's employer provides to employees. It covers not only the person working for the employer but also the rest of the family members under the policy.

Cigna Healthcare provides affordable, flexible, and locally compliant medical insurance for businesses in the Middle East.

Key Benefits

  • Private accommodation for day-care and in-patient treatment

  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions are covered up to an annual limit (as per the chosen plan)

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Clinical Case management to help members find the right care path

  • 24/7 expert multilingual support

Note: The benefits may vary for different group health insurance plans. Explore various health insurance plans for employees. Make sure you check the health insurance plan brochures.


Explore Our Health Insurance Plans for Your Employees

Discover a range of comprehensive health insurance plans tailored to suit your employees' diverse needs and ensure their well-being. Our plans offer exceptional coverage and peace of mind for a healthy and productive workforce.


GlobalCare KSA

GlobalCare by Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia delivers high-quality health care solutions tailored for corporate and SME needs. GlobalCare KSA plan comes with a wide range of health coverage options. Also, the plan offers an easy claim handling process (locally and across the globe) and access to the right combination of global capabilities and experienced local resources. You can trust Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia to meet all your health care needs with expertise and dedication.
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Business Select

Cigna Business Select plans are specifically designed for dynamic businesses in Lebanon. These plans are simple, flexible, efficient, and locally compliant, so you can select a plan that suits your employees’ healthcare requirements.
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Catering to the healthcare needs of SMEs and large corporate employees working in Bahrain, GlobalCare offers top-quality care, impeccable service, and peace of mind. With over 20 years of experience in Middle East, our plans have provided efficient healthcare solutions to companies across multiple countries.
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This health insurance plan offers countless benefits and coverage for SMEs and large corporate employees in Kuwait. There is multiple in-patients and out-patients healthcare benefits that you can avail yourself easily.
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Through our broker arrangements in Qatar, we can cater to the healthcare needs of SMEs and large corporates in Qatar. GlobalCare offers quality healthcare solutions, impeccable service, and peace of mind. Our plans have provided quality healthcare solutions to corporates across multiple countries.
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Feel Confident Choosing Cigna Health Insurance

Focused on Wellbeing

Through our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), we strive to offer confidential, telephonic, or face-to-face counselling for your employees. Also, to promote wellness, we offer on-site wellness seminars wherein experts provide advice for the optimal health, happiness, and productivity of employees.

Affordable Healthcare Solutions

We work towards making healthcare affordable for everyone. Our in-house team of doctors and network specialists help with sophisticated cost-containment strategies to ensure your policy is being managed effectively.

Local Expertise

With our key operations focus on the Middle East region and locally staffed teams, customers can get guidance that’s grounded in expertise, cultural knowledge, and real-world experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

With our wide range of convenient digital solutions, such as Apps, Online portals, Telehealth, EAP, you can easily manage and access your health insurance plan and leverage healthcare benefits with utmost ease.

Hear from Our Customers



"I would like to thank Cigna team for all the guidance. The whole process was very simplified, well guided and your guidance is highly appreciated. Looking forward to a healthy and positive relationship with Cigna."



I would like to thank the team for all your help. You have been very helpful from the first moment onwards. The team was always available to answer all my questions by email or phone and guided me in choosing the right plan for me without pushing me towards any specific plan.



"I’d like to commend the Cigna team for their professionalism and thoroughness in handling my query and the ensuing transaction."

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Frequently Asked Questions

It does pay off to investigate a little when you are selecting a health insurance plan. You must consider the factors of cost, coverage, and benefit.

  • Check the pre-existing conditions coverage in the plan
  • Ensure the plan offers an adequate network offering cashless treatment
  • Check the maternity clause and waiting period
  • Look for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization facilities
  • Ensure that digital facilities like online claims submissions are available
  • Get an insurance plan with 24/7 customer service channels
  • Make sure a dedicated client management team is available
  • Check if there is support for employees’ mental wellbeing as well

Employees are a company's greatest asset, and ensuring their well-being should be a key priority for employers. Healthier employees are more productive, so providing quality health care solutions improves performance and reduces absenteeism. Quality health plans are vital to attracting the right talent for business and also help retain employees. Cigna Healthcare offers flexible, comprehensive, and cost-effective coverage for all companies, however big or small they are. Our group medical insurance plans provide you and your employees great value on health insurance.

Each health insurance plan has different eligibility criteria for companies to apply for group health insurance. For SmartCare by Cigna, a company needs to have at least 10 lives for a quote, whereas for GlobalCare Flexible, a company needs to have at least 2 lives. To know more, you can contact the Cigna Sales team.