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Frequently asked questions

Registration links for each event will be released on this page as they become available. If you have already registered for an event, we will keep you updated about our upcoming events.

Once you have registered using the link on the page, you will have access to all activities at the venue

Each lap is 2.5KM, you can either choose to do one lap or cover 5KM by doing two. You are free to do more or less than this, however, our timing chips are only available if you are doing one or two laps of the course.

Once you arrive at the venue, please head to the registration desk to check-in with us and collect your bib and timing chip – You will simply need to provide your run number which will be shared with you over email a day before the event

Once you know your Run Number, proceed directly to your respective bib collection desk and collect your bib number with the timing chip attached.

Please confirm all the details printed on the label of the run pack envelope, which include your name and gender. If there are any errors, please let our registration staff know so we can revise them for you to ensure that you have the correct result.

You must check in and receive your timing chip 30 minutes before the run starts.

Your run number will be allocated to you a day prior to the event. We will email it to you and will also have it up at the registration desk at the morning of the event for your convenience.

Bibs must be worn on your chest with the number facing outward from start to finish.

If you remove your bib during the run, your result will be compromised.

Once you are finished running, keep the bib as a souvenir.

It is unique for each event. Do not use the same bib and timing chip for any other event as it will not be registered in our timing system.

We will provide safety pins as part of your run pack envelope or you can decide to bring your own race belt.

Timing chips are attached to the back of your race bib

Ensure your bib has one timing chip stuck to the back. If not, please see our staff on the day to issue you a new bib.

Do not remove the chip from the bib. If you run without a bib, we will not be able to record your time or result.

Each lap is 2.5KM, you can either do one lap or cover 5KM by doing two.

Yes, there will be a water station on the course at the start and finish line. However, we recommend carrying a water bottle with you as well.

We will email you a link with the run results within 24 hours of the event

We will email you a link with the images 24 hours after the event. You can search for your images by entering your name, bib number or doing a selfie search. However, please note that individual photos are not guaranteed.

We will email you all the information for the event including the run course, briefing and parking information the week of the event.

You can write to us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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