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Workplace Wellbeing Assessment For your organization

Designed for HR managers looking to support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

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About Cigna’s Workplace Wellbeing Assessment.

The workplace is changing. As home life and work life merge in the new normal, employees are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting their mental as well as their physical health, and are turning to their employers for more support.

The Workplace Wellbeing Assessment is a quick and easy way for you to find a wellness programme that meets the diverse needs of your employees. And it's one of the ways we're shaping our innovative Whole Health model to be a proactive part of our customers' support networks.

The digital platform enables users to access greater choice and flexibility. All recommendations are built around a knowledge base of extensive research carried out by Cigna into the economic impact of workplace wellness programmes.

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We're committed to helping your business thrive. With our Workforce Whole Health Check-up, we seamlessly connect the needs of your business to our whole health service platform. At Cigna, we make it easier for you to drive sustainable and scalable growth based on the whole health needs of your workforce.

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