45% of working days lost are due to stress, anxiety or depression—here’s how you can help.

Recent research shows that these three, easy-to-implement ideas, can help.

1. Encourage “mindful moments”.

Meditation can play a significant role in job performance and satisfaction. And when the focus is on blessings or gratitude, it can go a long way towards creating a positive working environment.[i],[ii]

Action item: Suggest that employees take 3-5 minutes per day to close their eyes and focus on the positive things in their lives.  

2. Ask employees to take a few minutes for positive reflections.

When people take time to put these positive thoughts down on paper, there is even greater potential for benefit. One study, in which employees wrote down daily reflections on positive events, found that days with more positive events were associated with lower blood pressure and a greater ability to disconnect from work in the evening.[iii] In fact, these employees reported less stress and fewer health complaints on days when they had done their reflection exercises.4

Action item: Encourage employees to take a few minutes each to write down 5 things they are grateful for. 

3. Start the week sharing.

The exchange of gratitude and positive experiences can be an effective means of improving our ability to cope with difficult situations.4 Whether it’s a work achievement or life event (such as a birthday, marriage, or personal sports best), taking a moment to share, acknowledge, and give thanks is something that most managers can easily adopt.

Action item: At the start of each week, ask employees to share one positive thing about a co-worker. If you have a large employee base, break employees up by department or team.

4. If you offer them, encourage employees to take advantage of Health & Wellness benefits.

If you already offer programs that support the emotional and mental health of employees, be sure to raise awareness of them. From confidential Employee Assistance Programs(EAP) to wellness benefits that encourage yoga and exercise, they can go a long way to creating a healthier, more productive workforce.

 Action item: If you don’t yet offer benefits that help  reduce stress—or aren’t sure that your programs are doing enough—learn about all that Cigna offers by sending an email to MESALES@cigna.com.