4 Tips To Return To Work Refreshed
February 2017   HEALTH AWARENESS

4 Tips To Return To Work Refreshed

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When your expatriate and globally mobile employees head home for the holidays, they face unique situations that may lead to a stressful, exhausting visit. Here are four tips to share by email or post in a break room.

Plan ahead.

When expats return home, they may feel obligated to see family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances. To avoid getting pulled in too many directions, advise your expat employees to make plans with loved ones ahead of time.

Mark everything in a calendar.

It’s one thing to make plans for a week or two at home. It’s another to see them in a calendar. By looking at the time they’ll be home in a block, they can avoid overscheduling themselves.

Set a “home base.”

Many expatriate employees rent out their homes or apartments while they’re away. If they’re unable to return home, advise them to rent a place that is central to their families and friends. Many expats feel they already live out of a suitcase. It’s important that their visit home doesn’t feel that way.

Be realistic.

One of the most common reasons expat employees return to work exhausted is that they feel they have to see everyone in their lives. Instead, suggest that they plan large gatherings with diverse groups of family and friends.

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