General FAQs

How to Check Your Medical Insurance Coverage with Emirates ID?

You may use your Emirates ID (EID), provided to you by Cigna, to check the healthcare benefits covered under your health insurance plan.

How To File Health Insurance Claim?

We have simplified the process of submitting health insurance claims. Just log in to your Cigna Envoy account through any device, click on the ‘My Claims’ tab and follow the steps given there to successfully submit a claim.

What is Deductible in Health Insurance?

The deductible is the amount you pay from your own pocket before the remaining is covered (partly or in whole) by the insurance provider.

How does Health Insurance Work?

Health insurance is a service that you pay for, to cover the costs of any kind of treatment for injury or illness, across a network of hospitals and healthcare facilities. You may take a health plan yourself or be covered by your company’s insurance plan. The plan is purchased by paying monthly premiums, which correspond to the amount you are covered for.

What Is Copay in Health Insurance?

Copay is the percentage of any treatment cost that you are expected to pay. This amount will vary depending on the policy you have taken, the premium amount, the age of the insured and so on.

What to Look for When Buying a Health Insurance?

It does pay off to investigate a little when you are selecting a health insurance plan. You must take into consideration the factors of cost, coverage, and benefit.


  • Ensure the cost of premiums are within your budget
  • Examine the cost of premiums against the average age of your family
  • Balance the cost of premiums against possible treatment costs
  • Understand the co-payment amount you would have to pay
  • Ensure they have a lifetime renewability clause


  • Check the pre-existing conditions coverage in the plan
  • Ensure the plan offers an adequate network offering cashless treatment
  • Check the maternity clause and waiting period.
  • Look for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization facilities


  • Select insurance with the fastest claim processes
  • Ensure basic modern facilities like online claims submissions
  • Get access to insurance with 24/7 service channels

How to Check Your Health Insurance Coverage Online Using Cigna Envoy?

As a Cigna member, you just have to sign into your Cigna Envoy page. All your information will be displayed on your dashboard.

To know more about the benefits of Cigna Envoy, visit our Cigna Envoy page.

How Much Does Short Term Health Insurance Cost?

The costs of short-term health insurance are higher than regular insurance, as the premiums are only valid for up to a year.

What is Covered in Health Insurance?

Cigna health insurance offers flexible plans to suit different budgets or regions. However, all the plans have common services that include in-patient treatment, day-patient treatment, and across costs of surgery, prescriptive drugs, basic maternity care, cancer care, mental health care and sometimes dental.

Examine the list of benefits carefully to ensure that you have selected a plan that is just right for you.

How To Pick The Best Health Insurance Plan?

Select the healthcare insurance plan that is right for you. This will vary depending on your age (pay for higher coverage as you get older), individual or family, living in your country of origin or as an expatriate (needing repatriation facilities and guest visitations).

How Are Health Insurance Premiums Calculated?

Premiums for health insurance plans depend primarily on your age when you buy the insurance or the age of the oldest member of your family in case of family insurance. The older you are, the more costly it gets. It also is determined by other health-risk factors like smoking, cardiovascular condition, family history etc.

How to Apply for Health Insurance Online?

You can leave your details with us here, and a Cigna representative will get in touch with you along with the solutions you’re looking for. Alternatively, individuals and families can email us at while employers and employees and reach out to us at

Why Do I Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance is the only way to meet the high costs of modern hospitals and treatments, in the event of any injury or illness. Also, in UAE, companies must provide health insurance to employees and their family members, to be compliant.

What Is Coinsurance In Health Insurance?

Co-insurance is also known as co-payment. It is the amount that the insured pays from the pocket, as a pre-determined percentage of the total costs borne by the insurance provider.

What Happens If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

With the rising costs of good medical care, it is prudent to have some form of health insurance that will guarantee expert care without affecting your pocket. At Cigna, we also go beyond offering comprehensive cover for any treatment, to proactive health management and support. We have also made it easy for you to find good healthcare near you through a handy app.

The Government of UAE also makes it compulsory for all citizens to be covered by healthcare.

Individuals and Families

How Can I Get Health Insurance For My Parents?

While companies in most countries of the UAE are mandated to provide insurance for the employees and sometimes their dependents as well, you may also opt for direct family insurance that includes your parents and dependents. Cigna family health insurance plans offer a range of benefits such as inpatient and outpatient treatments, maternity care, mental healthcare, etc., to take care of you and your family.

For more information, visit our family health insurance section, or you can also reach out to us at

How To Get Health Insurance For My Child?

Children are covered in family insurance plans, which would be more cost-effective than covering minors separately. Children’s health insurance should cover dental, vision and other expected healthcare elements of childhood.

How To Choose Health Insurance For Parents?

Choosing health insurance for parents is more cost-effective when taken as part of the extended family insurance plan, than separate individual plans. The plan should ideally have room to accommodate existing or chronic conditions and other benefits that will help you take care of your parents at all times. Cigna Healthguard offers great benefits such as the Life Management Assistance programme, providing you with the required assistance for taking care of your parents and loved ones.

For more information, visit our family health insurance section, or you can also reach out to us at

How To Get International Health Insurance?

Our Global Expat Health Insurance plan offers flexible, customized options for expat specific health insurance requirements, like repatriation services, visitation services, and even expat life support.

For more information, visit our section for Individuals, Families and Expats, or reach out to us at

Employers and Employees

How To Calculate Employee Health Insurance Premiums?

Factors such as the average age of the employees, the extent of coverage of the employee or their families, and add-ons like dental treatment, health checkups and more determine the cost of employee or group health insurance.

Can Employers See When You Use Health Insurance?

Yes, employers can keep track of the insurance usage of their employees as they have monitoring controls. Cigna Insurance provides a 360-degree view of all employee plans, usage and claims through our signature Cigna Envoy platform.

To know more about the benefits of Cigna Envoy, visit our Cigna Envoy page

Can My Employer See My Health Insurance Claims?

Yes, Cigna Insurance allows complete monitoring of all employee plans, usage and claims. The Cigna Envoy site provides an easy to access monitoring platform to view and modify any element of the plan.

To know more about the benefits of Cigna Envoy, visit our Cigna Envoy page.

Is Employer Health Insurance Enough?

Employer insurance may only cover basic inpatient and day-patient treatments, as required for compliance and which also may vary from company to company. However, if needed, employees may enhance their healthcare by buying private individual or family health insurance from Cigna. Cigna offers comprehensive cover at specialized facilities, along with critical pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization services. For more information, please visit our Individuals and Family health insurance sections or reach out to us at

How To Choose Health Insurance For Small Business?

Small businesses must consider factors such as industry-risk level, exposure to chemicals, level of stress at work, the nationality of the employees and whether they have access to healthcare in their countries (or not), and ease of service, to select the optimal group health insurance.

Do Employers Have To Provide Health Insurance?

Yes, all companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi must provide  health insurance to their employees by law.

How Many Employees Do You Need For Group Health Insurance?

You need at least one more employee other than the owner to qualify to get group health insurance.

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