Wellness Offerings

Wellness Offerings

Cigna aims to look after the whole health of employees; we know how important it is to not only support their physical and mental wellbeing but everything that comes in between.

LVL Wellbeing

Cigna has partnered with LVL Wellbeing, a digital and physical platform that helps employees meet their fitness or wellbeing goals. The all-new LVL Wellbeing app is an employee's daily destination for prioritizing health and wellbeing, which comes with some exciting features like:

  • On-demand and live virtual content

  • Live health and wellbeing sessions

  • Easy access to health and wellbeing tools, content, and coaches

  • Access to LVL community

  • Access to creating personal playlists and downloading content

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The Cigna Envoy App

Cigna Envoy App lets you manage your health and wellbeing needs instantly and conveniently on the go with some exciting features like:

  • Find and consult healthcare providers near you

  • Access to Health and Wellbeing Resources

  • Wellbeing Programs focused on Improving: Focus, Stress, Nutrition, Sleep

  • Telehealth services to provide access to virtual doctor consultation free of cost

  • Manage and submit claims directly through your mobile device



Employee Assistance Program

Cigna's Employee Assistance Program aims to promote employees' physical and mental wellbeing through virtual and in-person counselling on various physical, mental, and financial topics. Some of its key benefits are:

  • Improves productivity and motivates employees at work

  • Increases organizational cost efficiency

  • Improves employee retention rates

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Focused on Wellbeing

Through our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), we strive to offer confidential, telephonic, or face-to-face counselling for your employees. Also, to promote wellness, we offer on-site wellness seminars wherein experts provide advice for the optimal health, happiness, and productivity of employees.

Transparency, Integrity, and Unwavering Commitment

We operate with transparency and integrity, and with an unwavering commitment to the health of our customers. And the trust bestowed by our customers in the Middle East for over 20 years validates CIME's core values.

Local Expertise

With our key operations focus on the Middle East region and locally staffed teams, customers can get guidance that’s grounded in expertise, cultural knowledge, and real-world experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

With our wide range of convenient digital solutions, such as Apps, Online portals, Telehealth, EAP, you can easily manage and access your health insurance plan and leverage healthcare benefits with utmost ease.

Hear from Our Customers



"I would like to thank Cigna team for all the guidance. The whole process was very simplified, well guided and your guidance is highly appreciated. Looking forward to a healthy and positive relationship with Cigna."



"I would like to thank the team for all your help. You have been very helpful from the first moment onwards. The team was always available to answer all my questions by email or phone and guided me in choosing the right plan for me without pushing me towards any specific plan."



"I’d like to commend the Cigna team for their professionalism and thoroughness in handling my query and the ensuing transaction."

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Frequently Asked Questions

LVL is a holistic platform that provides employees with mental and physical wellbeing services and helps create a better workplace. The platform believes in creating a comprehensive approach toward promoting employee wellness and engagement via uniquely curated wellbeing and fitness content. With many exciting benefits, LVL aims to empower employees and boost mental and physical health, happiness, and productivity.

Employee Assistance Program*
Cigna provides confidential, telephonic, or face-to-face counselling for your employees & their dependents for a range of personal topics such as finances, couple’s support, stress, anxiety, and depression.
* Optional, based on Employer’s choice
Routine Adult Physical Examinations*
Through this coverage option you can check in yourself and your family through a routine physical examination with a general or specialist physician
*Terms and Conditions Apply.
On-Site and Virtual Seminars
You can include this program to educate employees on a wide range of health topics - from managing diabetes and heart disease conditions to developing better sleep habits and managing stress.

Research has shown that employees who maintain good health habits are happier and more productive. When offered in the workplace, wellbeing programs can increase employee loyalty and improve retention rates. In short, wellbeing is a win-win for all.