Comprehensive Medical Insurance for Individuals & Families in UAE

Discover Cigna Healthcare superior health insurance offerings for individuals and families in the UAE. Tailored to your unique needs, our plans ensure comprehensive protection and access to a wide network of health care facilities to protect you and your loved ones.

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225+ year heritage in healthcare, 60 years serving people globally and 20 years in the Middle East

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More than 180 million customer and patient relationships globally

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Access to over 3,000 healthcare providers in the UAE and over 5,000 in the Middle East

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Impeccable 24/7/365 customer service, with 86% customer satisfaction rating

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Unlock a world of personalized medical services with Cigna Healthcare Healthguard plans, tailored for every family's and individual's unique health needs in the UAE. Beyond essential medical coverage, our Healthguard plans extend to include the Healthy Connect module, offering additional benefits like comprehensive dental care, preventive wellness screenings, vision support, and return home cash benefit. Embrace complete health security with Cigna Healthcare.

Feel Confident Choosing Cigna Health Insurance

Healthy Connect Optional Module

Proactively manage you and your family’s health with our Healthy Connect optional module. Its wide range of benefits will help you take control of your health and wellbeing.

Affordable Healthcare Solutions

We work towards making healthcare affordable for everyone. Our in-house team of doctors and network specialists help with sophisticated cost-containment strategies to ensure your policy is being managed effectively.

Local Expertise

With our key operations focus on the Middle East region and locally staffed teams, customers can get guidance that’s grounded in expertise, cultural knowledge, and real-world experience.

Transparency, Integrity, and Unwavering Commitment

We operate with transparency and integrity, and with an unwavering commitment to the health of our customers. And the trust bestowed by our customers in the Middle East for over 20 years validates CIME's core values.

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Cigna Insured Member

"By way of feedback on the support provided by your team, who has been extremely cooperative, caring , professional and most importantly, responsive to all my needs. The level of assistance provided by your team and the swift response to all matters are highly appreciated."



"I’d like to commend the Cigna team for their professionalism and thoroughness in handling my query and the ensuing transaction."



"I would like to thank Cigna team for all the guidance. The whole process was very simplified, well guided and your guidance is highly appreciated. Looking forward to a healthy and positive relationship with Cigna."

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the UAE, employee health insurance often extends to dependents, including parents. However, to ensure comprehensive coverage, you might consider a direct family health insurance plan. Cigna Healthcare’s tailored plans provide an array of benefits, ensuring your entire family, from parents to children, has access to essential health care services like inpatient and outpatient care, maternity care, mental health care, etc. Secure your family's health with coverage that understands and meets your needs.

Depending on the selected health insurance in UAE for individuals and families, a fixed annual coverage amount will be provided which can be utilized to avail medical treatments and services. For those seeking wider coverage, various optional extras are available at an additional charge. With network hospitals, the benefit of a cashless system means receiving treatment without the immediate need to pay out-of-pocket, as long as it's within the policy's maximum coverage amount. On the other hand, for services received from hospitals outside of the network, you can opt for a reimbursement claim, which involves paying upfront and subsequently submitting a claim, along with all relevant medical invoices, to your insurer for compensation.

For successful enrollment in a UAE health insurance plan, you'll need to provide:

- Valid Identification: For individual plans, proof of your identity. For family plans, identification is required for all members.
- Proof of Age and Residence: Documents confirming the ages and residential addresses of all applicants.
- Income Verification: Documentation of the policyholder's income.
- Insurance Proposal/Application Form: The completed form necessary to process the insurance policy.
- Medical Test Reports: These may be required in some cases and will be specified by the insurer.