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Explore our Employee Health Insurance Plan in Bahrain

Cigna Globalcare employee health insurance plans help SMEs and large corporates provide access to quality healthcare solutions to their employees in multiple countries.

This high-value, cost-effective medical insurance plans are designed according to the healthcare needs of the employees, while offering them top-quality care, 24/7 expert multilingual support, and peace of mind.


Key Benefits:

Globalcare plan in Bahrain offers several benefits to its customers:

  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions covered, up to the annual limit
  • Dedicated Sales, Client Management and Service Excellence Teams
  • Access to live wellbeing sessions and 500 + streaming classes.
  • In-patient & day-care patient hospital treatment and accommodation
  • Clinical Case management to help members find the right care path
  • Convenient, easy-to-use Cigna Envoy App and digital self-service platform

Manage your plan with Cigna Envoy

Cigna Envoy is our digital self-service platform/app that members can use to easily manage their healthcare needs. From finding local healthcare specialists to submitting claims, Cigna Envoy provides you with all the information you need at your fingertips.



Key Features:

  • Assess my Health (access to Wellbeing Tests)

  • Online Health Library of useful wellbeing articles

  • Access to online smart tools

  • Cigna’s Global Telehealth service (24/7 access to doctors for non-emergency health concerns by phone or real-time video chat, all from the comfort of your own home or workplace)

  • Wellbeing programmes focused on improving focus, reducing stress, and helping you improve your nutrition and quality of sleep

Plan Details

Area of CoverPlan Suitable forPre-existing and Chronic ConditionsOut-patient Co-insuranceMaternity BenefitsDental & Vision BenefitsWellness Benefits


Area 1: Worldwide

Area 2: Worldwide Excluding USA

Area 4: GCC, Arab Countries, Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, Southeast Asia Countries and Africa

Large Corporates and Small & Medium Enterprises



Hear from Our Customers


Cigna Insured Member

"By way of feedback on the support provided by your team, who has been extremely cooperative, caring , professional and most importantly, responsive to all my needs. The level of assistance provided by your team and the swift response to all matters are highly appreciated."



"I’d like to commend the Cigna team for their professionalism and thoroughness in handling my query and the ensuing transaction."



"I would like to thank Cigna team for all the guidance. The whole process was very simplified, well guided and your guidance is highly appreciated. Looking forward to a healthy and positive relationship with Cigna."

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per Health Insurance Law in Bahrain, it is mandatory for all the nationals, residents, and expatriate workers to have medical insurance.

An Emergency is defined as the sudden onset of an illness, injury or medical condition manifesting itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity (including severe pain) requiring immediate and unscheduled medical care, and if left untreated, could result in placing the person’s life and/or health in serious jeopardy; serious impairment to bodily functions; serious dysfunction of a bodily organ or part; serious disfigurement; or in the case of a pregnant woman, serious jeopardy to the health of the foetus. It is the Emergency medical condition of the patient, not the diagnosis, which drives the necessity for immediate treatment. Symptoms must be sufficiently severe to cause the patient to seek immediate medical aid.

Cigna Bahrain medical insurance plans for employees offer a wide range of wellness benefits, such as:
Telehealth Services: Employees can connect with a licensed doctor by phone or video. It’s confidential, convenient and in some cases, there’s no co-pay or Deductible.
Health Risk Assessments: Employees can receive personalized evaluations online which include help with sleep, stress nutrition, fitness, and exercise. They can access this through the Cigna Envoy Member Portal or by downloading the Cigna Envoy App.
International Employee Assistance Programs: Through this optional benefit program, employees can get access to counsellors 24/7/365 to help manage the stress of living in another country. Structured one-on-one telephonic coaching sessions are also available.