SmartCare by Cigna – Flexible Group Health Insurance Plan

A health insurance plan for your employees offering top-quality, comprehensive, and cost-effective health care solutions in UAE.

Strong Global and Local Networks

Access to over 3,000 healthcare providers in the UAE and over 5,000 in the Middle East

Experience You Trust

225+ year heritage in healthcare, 60 years serving people globally and 20 years in the Middle East 

Round-the-clock Service

24/7/365 access to multilingual customer service experts

People First

Experienced client management team provides support when you need it

Explore Our SmartCare Health Insurance Plan for Your Employees

SmartCare by Cigna is a group health insurance plan that offers affordable and flexible health care solutions for SMEs and large corporates. Our plan includes attractive annual coverage options and quality benefits to help employees meet their health care requirements.

SmartCare by Cigna is serviced by Neuron, a leading third-party administrator in the Middle East region, where employees can enjoy various benefits.


Key Benefits:

SmartCare by Cigna offers several benefits to its customers:

Our Open-access network unlocks a tiered network strategy that allows SmartCare members to access over 3,000 healthcare providers within Cigna network in UAE, subject to any applicable co-insurance.

  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions covered, up to the annual limit
  • Clinical Case management to help members find the right care path
  • 24/7 expert multilingual support
  • Employee Assistance Programme and LVL Wellbeing Services

SmartCare by Cigna App

The SmartCare by Cigna App is a digital portal that allows members to take charge of their healthcare needs from anywhere and at any time. The app makes healthcare simple and enables employees to manage their wellbeing even when they are running on a busy schedule.



Key Features:

  • Find a provider nearby

  • Submit a claim request

  • Book a doctor’s appointment

  • Tru-Doc app integration allows for Medical Tele-Consultations with Licensed Doctors

  • Health and Wellness Expert Access

Plan Comparison

Area of CoverPlan Suitable forPre-existing and Chronic ConditionsOut-patient Co-insuranceMaternity BenefitsDental & Vision BenefitsWellness Benefits


Area 1: Worldwide

Area 2: Worldwide Excluding USA

Area 4: GCC, Arab Countries, Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, Southeast Asia Countries and Africa

Large Corporates



Globalcare Flexible

Area 1: Worldwide

Area 2: Worldwide Excluding USA

Area 4: GCC, Arab Countries, Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, Southeast Asia Countries and Africa

Small & Medium Enterprises




Regional cover - Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and the Philippines*, Regional + Home Country (excluding USA) 

Worldwide excluding USA

Large Corporate and Small & Medium Enterprises with more than 9 Employees



SmartCare Micro

Regional cover - Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and the Philippines

Regional + Home Country (excluding USA)

Small Enterprises with 2 – 9 Employees


Hear from Our Customers



"I would like to thank Cigna team for all the guidance. The whole process was very simplified, well guided and your guidance is highly appreciated. Looking forward to a healthy and positive relationship with Cigna."


Cigna Insured Member

"Thanks a lot for the assistance and support I received from your team. I wish you guys all the best in making more patients smiling and happy again."


Cigna Insured Member

"By way of feedback on the support provided by your team, who has been extremely cooperative, caring , professional and most importantly, responsive to all my needs. The level of assistance provided by your team and the swift response to all matters are highly appreciated."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both SmartCare by Cigna and Globalcare Flexible are for SMEs in the Middle East region. Smartcare by Cigna offers value on regional and international SME health insurance – including optional healthcare cover in employees’ home countries (excluding USA). It is serviced by Neuron, a leading TPA in the UAE.
Globalcare Flexible offers Cigna’s world-renowned healthcare plans for employees and provides cover anywhere from ‘within the GCC’ to around the world.

There are multiple options for maximum annual cover, co-insurance, and more that you can choose for your team. You can also make your SmartCare insurance plan more beneficial by picking add-ons such as vision, dental, and wellbeing coverage options, among others.

Our Clinical Care team is here to protect your employees and improve their health outcomes. Our Clinical Care team works with four missions in mind:

  • Making the most of your healthcare spend
  • Ensuring employees get the best possible care
  • Overseeing treatment plans to prevent waste and abuse
  • Driving better health outcomes