4 Ways to increase employee productivity
November 2018   HEALTH AWARENESS

4 Ways to increase employee productivity

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Companies around the world are struggling with the complex issues of employee health and well-being, which has proven to have a direct impact on productivity. Absenteeism, wherein employees take days off regularly, is arguably a challenge faced by employers today. Adding to this burden is the high incidence of low productivity caused  due to presenteeism, wherein employees attend work despite being sick.                            

Here are some tips on how to improve employee productivity in the workplace:                       

  1. Allow a day off for mental health. Rather than having your employees present at work but unfocused and disengaged, let them take a day off in the interest of their mental health. 

  2. Offer the flexibility to work from home. Introducing flexible working patterns, such as the option to start an hour late or work from home, enables employees to achieve a better work-life balance. They can save time on commuting, have the freedom to set their own routine, and can also find more time within their workday for their personal commitments.                                 

  3. Implement employee well-being programs. There is overwhelming evidence out there that workers with access to well-being resources are not only healthier but also more productive than those that have to do without. In fact, well-being programs can result in a 25 percent reduction in sick leave absenteeism. 

  4. Provide employees with preventive care- Companies are increasingly including services such as telehealth in employee benefits packages in a bid to reduce healthcare costs. Providing platforms for employees to consult with their doctors remotely can help them manage health issues before thy become serious. 

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