How Can We Help?
November 2017   CIGNA NEWS

How Can We Help?

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Customer Story 1

Case summary

When a 39 year old insured member was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, he was understandably distressed and looking for support in finding clear direction. At this stage he had also suffered considerable liver damage that only added to the member’s anxiety.

After receiving an approved request for 3 months of prescribed medication for Hepatitis C, our Middle East team flagged the case as critical and stepped in to help ensure the member gets the essential care that he needs. Me Clinical not only arranged a second opinion for the member via Decision Support but also recommended a course of a newer line of Hep C medicines that has a 99-100% chance of cure, over the older line of meds prescribed.

During this time, the member’s policy was soon to expire posing a risk of discontinued medication. We immediately arranged one month of medication, while working with Client management to ensure that as soon as the policy was renewed, the remaining meds were dispensed.

As part of our cost containment approach, the Clinical Team contacted the registered distributor of the medications directly to negotiate a cost effective quotation for the same drugs. This resulted in hard savings on this case of up to AED 24k.

The patient was pleased that we, as Cigna, had put his health interests on priority by referral to the second opinion, and ensured continued medicine dispersal while managing his policy renewal. The patient completed his 3 month course of medicines to be virus-free and completely cured of Hepatitis C!

How Cigna helped:

  • Keeping the member well informed at all stages
  • Facilitating quick medicine dispensing post policy renewal – ensuring the member medication is not discontinued when he needed it the most.
  • Delivering the same medication while making savingsFeedback received from the insured member

Feedback received from the insured member

“Excellent! Superb! Splendid! These words are not enough to describe how grateful I am with your team especially to Dr. Piyal who assisted me in each and every way of my clinical and medication needs. If I am going to rate you from 1to 10 which is 10 is the highest I would probably give you a 20. That is how I appreciated all the help and effort that your team has given to me. Cigna Insurance Company is indeed the best thing that ever happened to me if not for this company then maybe I cannot survive longer in this world. I owe you my life. You will become a legend here in my heart forever. All the cards that I kept from 2014 up to the time when I go home to the Philippines for good someday will be displayed in a special frame and will be hanged in my living room to remind me that once in my life there was a company who helped me prolong my life. In behalf of my family I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking good care of me.”

Customer Story 2

Case summary:

When a pregnant lady who developed seizures right after her delivery couldn’t not be diagnosed, she and her husband had many questions.

ME Clinical team picked up the case for case and referred to Advance Medical’s expert panel for their opinion. Advance Medical reverted with a constructive case study and was both, shared and discussed with the parents, to give them the full picture.

At the time, the patience still needed admission for observation as the patient was symptomatic with abnormal lab results. The parents were also anxious about the fact that in addition to the new born, they also had a 4 year old daughter who needed care at the time at home. Cigna Clinical team ensured that once the member’s was clinically stable, she was discharged home with the aid of a 24 hour qualified nurse who would monitor the patient at home (24 BP monitoring, minimizing the risks of falls…etc) till recovery.

Feedback received from the insured member:

"Dr. Magdi never failed to offer any help possible (including just listening, which can be incredibly important in somewhat chaotic times when one is swimming in emotion and new information). This may be even more important in an expat circumstance where often family is not immediately available.I am also extremely pleased to have been offered the services of the advanced medical team. The service has been a real luxury, In all cases, I have found your team going the extra mile to help."


Watch how we've helped our customers in the Middle East.

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