Wellbeing Benefits Module
April 2019   CIGNA NEWS

Wellbeing Benefits Module

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Building on over 250 years of experience globally and over 17 years regionally in helping people to protect and improve their health, Cigna is proudly serving expatriates and their employers in over 200 territories around the world.

We have combined our global expertise with local knowledge to create flexible plans to meet various needs of employees, individuals or their family.

Our Healthy Connect optional module include a wide range of benefits that will help our individual members pro-actively manage their health and wellbeing. Dental, Vision, Health Screenings and various other tests. In times where our members prefer to be in a familiar surrounding for their treatment, Healthy Connect incorporates “Return Home Cash Benefit” for those whose country of origin is not the UAE.

For our Business Customers, the packages include routine Adult Physical Examination, pap smear, Prostate Cancer Screening and Mammograms for Breast Cancer Screening.

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