The health care system in Saudi Arabia
November 2023   HEALTH AWARENESS

The health care system in Saudi Arabia

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The KSA’s health care system is unique, as it is marked by a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors that ensures a comprehensive approach to medical services. Understanding the health care system in Saudi Arabia is crucial for both residents and immigrants, particularly in the context of private health insurance and coverage. Private health insurance plays a pivotal role in addressing the diverse needs of the population, offering supplementary coverage beyond the public system.

Notably, Saudi Arabia's commitment to technological advances is reflected in a robust telemedicine infrastructure, facilitating remote health care consultations. Furthermore, the health care system places a high priority on preventive care, with extensive vaccination programs and health awareness initiatives. It is committed to technical advances and sets a high priority on preventive care. It is necessary to understand the unique features of the health care system to comprehend the requirements of its citizens.

Accessibility to health care services

The public health care system in Saudi Arabia extends its services exclusively to Saudi nationals and public sector employees, offering a range of free medical provisions. These incorporate general practitioner services, hospital treatments, dental care, and prescription medicines. 

Private care facilities in Saudi Arabia provide benefits to expatriates in terms of the health care system, including hospitals, clinics, and health centers. As of 2005, non-nationals are needed to obtain mandatory health insurance, typically facilitated through their employers. Further, expatriates have the option to obtain additional private health insurance policies to enhance their health care coverage and address specific medical needs.

Health care costs in Saudi Arabia

In the past two decades, Saudi Arabia has noticed population growth prompting increased health spending. To sponsor services, the government has strengthened ties with the private sector and transitioned to an insurance-based system. Prior to the year 2005, public health care relied on government subsidies. 

The introduction of mandatory health insurance for non-nationals in the year 2005, later extended to Saudi private medical insurance sector employees in the year 2016, has reshaped the landscape. The individual health care costs for immigrants are contingent on their insurance plan and the precise nature of the treatment desired by them.

Public medical insurance options in Saudi Arabia

Public medical insurance in KSA is crafted to provide across-the-board access to health care services. The commitment to comprehensive coverage within the public health care system addresses diverse population needs, ensuring the delivery of essential medical services and contributing to the development of a robust health care environment for residents.

Private medical insurance options in Saudi Arabia

Private medical insurance is critical to Saudi Arabia's health care system, bridging gaps in the public system. It presents individuals, especially immigrants, access to a wider array of services, confining specialized treatments and advanced medical facilities. Offering flexibility and choice, private insurance enhances health care options, playing a pivotal role in addressing diverse medical requirements. Its value is highlighted by its capability to ensure comprehensive coverage, providing individuals with tailored health care solutions, and contributing to strong and responsive health care conditions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Specialized health care for women and children

Health insurance in Saudi Arabia is tailored to meet the distinct needs of women and children, acknowledging the significance of addressing their specific health requirements. Women get extensive support, including prenatal and maternal care, while children benefit from dedicated attention to ensure their development and well-being. These customized services highlight the dedication to prioritizing and fulfilling the unique health care needs of women and children within the health care system in Saudi Arabia.

Mental health care in Saudi Arabia

Primary care takes care of initial mental health concerns, often through health centers. Severe or persistent cases are referred to psychiatric hospitals, outpatient treatment, or community residential facilities. The residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have the option to self-refer or opt for private facilities with extensive services. Private facilities encompass psychotherapy clinics, rehabilitation services, psychotropic drug administration, addiction services, and speech therapy. Despite improvements, challenges include high rates of misdiagnosis, social stigma, and an over-reliance on family care.

  • Challenges: Misdiagnosis, social stigma, and dependence on family care persist in the mental health care landscape.
  • Research Statistics: Alarmingly, 39% exhibit signs of depression, while 41% of young individuals undergo depression, and 49% grapple with anxiety.
  • Bed Availability: Mental hospitals offer approximately 17 beds per 100,000 individuals, mirroring the global average.

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