Decoding Health Insurance Claims in the UAE
December 2023   HEALTH AWARENESS

Decoding Health Insurance Claims in the UAE

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Stepping into the universe of health insurance claims in the UAE is not just a transaction—it's a journey to protect your well-being. Explore the claim types to understand how they keep you covered and secure. Let's unfold the two types of health insurance claims and get a better understanding.

What is Claim in Health Insurance?

To understand what a 'claim' in insurance is, you must know that a health insurance claim provides coverage against medical expenses incurred from accidents, illness, or injury. An individual can claim against monthly or annual premium payments for a set period.
During this time, if an insured meets with an accident or is diagnosed with a severe ailment, the expenses incurred for treatment are borne by the insurance provider.

Types of Health Insurance Claims

Health insurance claims fall into two primary categories:

  • Cashless Claims: In cashless insurance claims, insurance providers directly settle bills with hospitals on behalf of the policyholder.
  • Reimbursement Claims: In these claims, the policyholder initially covers medical expenses and later requests for reimbursement from the insurance company. The individual pays for the health care services upfront and then presents a claim for the incurred expenses.

Let’s discuss these health insurance claims in detail.

Cashless Medical Insurance Claims

Cashless medical insurance claims allow policyholders to receive medical treatment without paying upfront, as the insurer directly settles the bills with the health care provider.

Policyholders with cashless medical insurance claims enjoy a hassle-free health care experience without upfront payments. This easy procedure allows covered patients to receive care at network hospitals and have their insurance company pay the bills directly. Cashless claims are simplified and provide policyholders with a faster, more effortless experience by removing the immediate financial burden.

How to File a Cashless Medical Insurance Claim

Understanding this procedure is crucial, as it empowers individuals to navigate their health care expenses effortlessly and optimize the benefits of their insurance coverage. One must follow this step-by-step process for a smooth filing experience when submitting a cashless medical insurance claim:

  • Pick Network Hospital: Go with a hospital that accepts direct billing and is part of your insurer's network.
  • Inform the insurance company: Inform your insurance company of the impending procedure. Find out about the documentation requirements and pre-authorization requirements.
  • Upload the Documents Online: Deliver the required documentation, including the pre-authorization form, medical records, and the doctor's treatment plan.
  • Obtain Approval: The insurance company provides you with a pre-authorization stating the costs that are covered for the planned treatment after examining your documentation.
  • Receiving Care: Proceed to the assigned hospital and present the pre-authorization to the appropriate authority.

Reimbursement Health Insurance Claims

Reimbursement health insurance claims refer to a procedure where the policyholder initially covers the cost of medical services and later requests settlement from their insurance provider. This method allows flexibility in choosing health care providers, as individuals are not restricted to a specific network. It will give the policyholder swift medical care and access to a broader range of health care professionals.

How to File a Reimbursement Health Insurance Claim

Following your insurance company's instructions and paying close attention to detail are essential when you want to understand – how to file a reimbursement health insurance claim. Here's a quick reference:

Step 1 - Compile Documents:

  • Collect medical bills, prescriptions, and diagnostic reports.
  • Ensure legibility and accuracy of all documents.

Step 2 - Fill up the Claim Form:

  • Use the claim form that the insurance company has provided.
  • When completing the form, pay close attention to the details.

Step 3 - Include the documentation:

  • Please attach itemized invoices and receipts to the claim form.
  • Make sure you've attached all required documents.

Step 4 - Keep Copies Safe:

  • Keep copies of every document you submit to maintain the records.
  • Assist with any future inquiries or recommendations.

Step 5 - Submit it on Time:

  • Recognize when submissions are due.
  • Within the allotted time, one must submit the claim.


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