4 Ways to Stick to Health-Based New Year’s Resolutions

4 Ways to Stick to Health-Based New Year’s Resolutions

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4 Ways to Stick to Health-Based New Year’s Resolutions

Dream big. Think tiny.

Trying to run a marathon or lose 20 kilos? An ambitious goal can often inspire not only yourself, but also others around you. With enough support and perseverance, you can do it! Break up these goals into small steps that take you forward. Make a list of tasks that start with the easy stuff. The more boxes you check off, the more inclined you’ll be to get all the way to the end!

Find a gym buddy…or two!

A friend with a similar resolution can be a great motivator. Stay on track and accountable with a workout buddy. And even if you can’t find anyone in real life, don’t hesitate to join an online community that is oriented towards your goal for helpful support and handy tips. Tip: Check whether your workplace offers a wellness program for free or discounted fitness classes.

Invest in yourself

While we’re not suggesting going gung-ho on that pricey gym membership, buying yourself some workout gear or a new set of weights can inspire you to make a change. Not only will you feel excited about trying out your new threads, the act that you spent money will also push you to make use of the equipment and work out.

Keep track of your progress

Keeping track of your weight loss, muscle gain, or even body measurements in a notebook or on an app is a great way to measure your progress! What’s more, any time you’re feeling demotivated about your progress you can take a look at your notebook and see how far you’ve come from the start of your journey.

Sticking to your new year health resolutions can be difficult but surrounding yourself with people that motivate you and keeping yourself accountable is a great way to get on the right path. We wish you good luck and a happy, healthy 2020!

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