About Child Health Insurance

About Child Health Insurance

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Health insurance is vital for kids, just as for adults. Infants and children of growing age have different body mechanisms; they have thinner skin and lesser fluids. They tend to spend more time playing around, putting things in their mouths, unaware of how to care for themselves. Such things increase their vulnerability to injuries and severe diseases like viral infections, pneumonia, jaundice, and diarrhea. Some children even have allergies and other chronic health conditions that may require intensive care at regular intervals.

Every parent wants to ensure the health and well-being of their babies and see them grow robust and healthy. However, with the rising cost of healthcare, visits to doctors and hospitals can be expensive, which may strain an individual's financial condition, making child health insurance plans indispensable. These medical plans are made to cover a broad range of illnesses and annual checkups until a kid attains 18 years of age and help parents to cover the medical expenses of their little ones without worrying about the money.

Why is it important to have health insurance for kids?

Here are some reasons why parents should think about safeguarding their baby's health with insurance:

  • Proper medical attention - Kids require special care during their growing years like timely vaccination and periodic health checkups. A dedicated health plan for kids can help parents cover the costs of all such medical attention.
  • Higher susceptibility to diseases - Immune systems in humans till adolescence are not fully developed. Hence, humans within this age bracket are vulnerable to health issues and infectious diseases that require serious medical attention. Child health plans are hence crucial to deal with such unforeseen expenses.
  • Expensive dental care - Kids are prone to dental injuries while playing or riding bicycles. Insurance policies with dental care facilities cover expenses incurred due to such injuries.
  • Cashless hospitalization - A health insurance policy ensures affordable healthcare for a child by tying up with good hospitals and providing cashless facilities in-network hospitals.
  • Overall development - Regular checkups under the health insurance policy can monitor overall development in babies of all ages and identify ailments for timely treatment.

Benefits of buying health insurance for children

Purchasing health insurance for kids ensures that they receive the best medical care during health emergencies. Buying child health insurance online is simple and provides numerous benefits, which include:

  • Comprehensive health coverage - Health insurance plans for kids offer extensive coverage, starting from a newborn's first day, covering hospital stay charges, infant vaccinations, and more.
  • Easy premium - Child health plans usually have lower premiums as they are designed to cover a limited range of services such as vaccinations, preventive care, and dental care, which are generally less expensive. Moreover, insurance premiums depend on the age of the insured, and as a child health coverage is started at an early age, therefore their premiums are also typically low.
  • Additional benefits - Infant health plans often offer expert consultations and advice on diet and nutrition, providing all-around healthcare coverage.
  • No claim bonus discount - Certain providers of newborn health plans may offer a discount when renewing the policy if no claims were made during the previous policy period.
  • Financial backup - Dedicated health coverage for kids provides financial backup, reducing the burden of increasing healthcare costs.
  • Ease of purchase - In the digital era, purchasing child health insurance online is straightforward. The process is simple, and one can compare plans to buy suitable health insurance for the apple of their eye.

Factors to consider while choosing health insurance for kids

Here are some key factors to keep in mind while choosing health insurance for kids:

  • Coverage - Ensure that the health insurance plan covers the medical needs of the child, such as routine checkups, immunizations, hospitalization, and emergency care.
  • Network hospitals - Check if the insurance provider has a network of healthcare providers in the insurer's residing area, including paediatricians and hospitals.
  • Cost - Consider the premium, deductible, and co-payments associated with the plan, and make sure it fits within the stipulated budget.
  • Pre-existing conditions - If a child has a pre-existing medical condition, make sure the selected health plan covers it without any waiting period or exclusions.
  • Coverage for prescription drugs - In case a child has some prescribed medication, the insurance buyer should check if the plan covers the cost associated with it.
  • Customer service - As a parent, one should look for an insurance provider who has a good reputation for customer service, as you may need to contact them for support or assistance.
  • Reputation and financial stability - One should look for the fact as to whether the insurance provider is a reliable and trustworthy company.
  • Benefits and additional features - The prospective buyer should consider if the selected plan has additional benefits, such as dental or vision coverage, wellness programs, or telemedicine services.
  • Flexibility - It should also be considered how flexible the insurance plan is in terms of choosing doctors and hospitals or changing coverage.

All about newborn health insurance

In the United Arab Emirates, it is common for parents to purchase health insurance plans for their babies to ensure their safety and well-being. These plans come with a newborn child benefit, which provides protection for the baby in case of medical emergencies or health issues. The Dubai Health Authority has made it mandatory for insurers to offer coverage for children, even if they are born prematurely, without any waiting period. This means that every child born in Dubai can have access to continuous health coverage from birth. Additionally, these insurance plans provide lifetime coverage for the kids, giving parents peace of mind that their children will have comprehensive coverage throughout their life. Overall, investing in a child health insurance plan is a great way for parents to ensure their child's health and safety. Explore Cigna's health insurance plans for individuals and families.

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