Why Cigna Is The Best Health Insurance Company in Abu Dhabi
December 2020   HEALTH AWARENESS

Why Cigna Is The Best Health Insurance Company in Abu Dhabi

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Health insurance in Abu Dhabi

About Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

The right health insurance can make all your health care bills more predictable. With an efficient health insurance plan, you can be assured for a safe and healthy life ahead. Cigna’s primary focus in Abu Dhabi is to ensure that your physical health, well-being and peace of mind are well taken care of through a flexible and affordable health insurance plan. Our basic plan covers inpatient and outpatient health care services, consultations, health screening, all diagnostic tests and treatment for pre-existing or chronic illnesses.

Who Should Have Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi?

According to the Government of the United Arab Emirates and the Abu Dhabi health insurance law, every individual residing in Abu Dhabi must have adequate health insurance from an accredited health insurance company in Abu Dhabi. If you are a working professional, your employer may provide sufficient health insurance coverage for you. Your company may even extend the health insurance coverage to your family and dependents. If not, then it is mandatory for individuals and their dependents to buy the best health insurance in Abu Dhabi on their own.

Benefits of Having a Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

The benefits and features of a health insurance plan in Abu Dhabi will depend on your needs and the medical insurance company in Abu Dhabi. However, some of the general benefits and key advantages of having medical insurance in Abu Dhabi are:

  • Cashless Treatment Facility: Many of the health insurance companies in Abu Dhabi allow the policyholders to avail cashless treatments from the partnered hospitals. The policyholder needs to just provide the policy details, such as policy number, policyholder’s name, etc., to the network hospital authorities and the rest shall be taken care of by the hospital and the medical insurance company in Abu Dhabi. If the treatment cost is within the sum assured, then the policyholders will not need to spend money from their pockets.
  • Room Rent: Most of the health insurance companies in Abu Dhabi cover the room rent expenses of the policyholder. The exact details of the type of room and cut-off cost for the room will be mentioned in the health insurance policy document. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Pre- and Post-medical Expenses: Most of the health insurance policies may cover the cost that the policyholder might incur before and after undergoing an active line of treatment. The pre- and post-hospitalization period shall be covered for a particular number of days.
  • Annual or Semi-annual Health Check-ups: Some health insurance companies in Abu Dhabi may offer free health check-ups for the policyholders. The specific type of health check-up and the frequency shall depend on the selected medical insurance in Abu Dhabi. You can check the terms and conditions of this benefit from the policy document.

Why Choose Cigna Medical Insurance

Cigna stands apart from the medical insurance companies In Abu Dhabi because our health services are designed to suit your specific needs. We address both mental as well as physical health through our extensive health and wellbeing programmes. To ensure you have quick and easy access to our quality healthcare providers, our team of experts are available 24/7. In the case of emergencies, we cover out of area treatment as well.

Our Health Plans

Cigna Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi offers world-class benefits that fit your medical needs. With our strong local knowledge, we have created some flexible plans that work for everyone. Cigna’s plans include core benefits like hospital treatment and accommodation, Cover for chronic and pre-existing conditions as well as maternity care. You can also choose optional modules to customize your plan for additional benefits like dental treatment, eye care and more.

Why Use Cigna Envoy App

The Cigna Envoy Mobile app lets clients access their health benefits and resources on the go from their own device. You can manage claims, view and print ID card information, search for health care providers and also communicate with us regarding queries or concerns, right through the app.

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