Why Cigna Is The Best Health Insurance Company in Sharjah
December 2020   HEALTH AWARENESS

Why Cigna Is The Best Health Insurance Company in Sharjah

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Health insurance in Sharjah

About Health Insurance in Sharjah

Having the right health insurance is more of essentiality than a lifestyle choice. With the right insurance plan, you can breathe easy knowing that you are covered for a safe and comfortable life ahead. The right plan essentially covers all your personal and family needs to ensure your physical health, well-being and peace of mind are well taken care of through a simple, affordable and predictable plan. We offer a wide network of healthcare services. They cover inpatient and outpatient health care services, consultations, health screening, all diagnostic tests and treatment for pre-existing or chronic illnesses.

Benefits of Health Insurance in Sharjah

Health insurance is one of the most important factors that every individual needs to consider for themselves and their families. By getting the best health insurance in Sharjah, the insured person may not only opt to get treated for any illness in a reputed hospital but also get financial assistance for most of the medical/surgical expenses that are incurred during hospitalization. Below are some of the major benefits of getting health insurance for yourself and your family in Sharjah:

  • Cashless Treatment Facility: With this facility, a health insurance company in Sharjah may offer the policyholder an option to avail medical treatment without having to pay money at a partnered hospital. Depending on the coverage and the cost of the treatment, the incurred medical expenses shall be paid out to the hospitals by the health insurance company in Sharjah (insurer) on behalf of the policyholder. Additionally, if the medical expenses exceed the insured amount, the extra expense will need to be borne by the insured person.
  • Option for Reimbursement: As cashless treatment facilities can be availed only at partner hospitals; policyholders can get a reimbursement for the cost of the treatment at a non-partner hospital. When policyholders get admitted to a non-partner hospital, initially they will have to bear the cost of hospitalization by themselves. After the treatment, the policyholders need to submit all original receipts and medical documents to the health insurance company in Sharjah so that they can avail the approved reimbursements. However, policyholders won’t be able to claim a reimbursement of expenses more than the sum insured of the health insurance policy.
  • Pre- and Post-hospitalization Coverage: Most of the medical insurance in Sharjah and across the UAE offer pre- and post-hospitalization coverage. The coverage is usually for a specified number of days before and after an active line of treatment. The exact number of days will be specified in the insurance policy document.
  • Room Rent: With the best health insurance in Sharjah, policyholders can claim the expenses towards the room rent during hospitalization. The details of the maximum claimable room rent, and the type of room covered will be mentioned in the health insurance policy agreement.

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, health insurance may also offer other benefits, such as annual medical checkups, no-claim bonuses, etc. Sharjah offers some of the top public healthcare facilities in the UAE, making it important to choose the best health insurance with the appropriate coverage. With the best health insurance in Sharjah, you will not have to pay the entire cost from your pocket when you avail any hospitalization services for emergency or planned treatments.

Why Choose Cigna Medical Insurance

Cigna is prominent amongst the leading medical insurance companies in Sharjah because of our diverse and customizable health and wellbeing programmes. We provide comprehensive care designed to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes for your physical and mental health. Our team of experts are available around the clock to help you discover your ideal insurance plan and to ensure you have smooth access to healthcare providers. In the event of an emergency, we also cover out of area treatment costs.

Our Health Plans

Cigna health insurance plans are tailored to suit your needs. With our intense local knowledge, we have created some flexible plans that work for everyone. Our healthcare options in Sharjah provide standard benefits, such as inpatient and day-patient treatment covers, outpatient consultations, Cover for pre-existing and chronic conditions, broad healthcare covers and maternity benefits. This plan covers a wide network of comfortably priced hospitals and medical practitioners. You can also customize your healthcare plan with optional add-ons such as dental treatment, eye care, and more.

Why Use Cigna Envoy App

Whether you are on the go, or at home, you can easily access your health benefits and resources anytime through the Cigna Envoy Mobile App. You can manage claims, search for healthcare providers in the area as well as retrieve your ID card information from the app’s database. You can also instantly communicate with us about queries or concerns via the app.

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