Guide to Health Insurance for Senior Citizens
September 2022   HEALTH AWARENESS

Guide to Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

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Health insurance for senior citizens

Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

With the skyrocketing costs of medical treatments, getting a health insurance plan has become crucial for everyone, especially those in the higher age bracket. With age, the human body is prone to diseases, which might cause financial derailment to a person or their family. Health insurance for senior citizens may be a solution in such scenarios. However, they are susceptible to some challenges like:

  • High premiums
  • Longer waiting period
  • Mandatory qualifying health check-ups
  • Age restrictions
  • Less or no exclusion of ancillary services
  • Exclusion of certain critical replacement surgeries

Hence it is always an intelligent choice to be proactive and opt for senior citizen health insurance at the earliest.

Health Insurance for Elderly - Benefits and Exclusions

Following are some of the general benefits of health insurance for senior citizens

  • Cashless hospitalization facility for the insured
  • Less waiting period in comparison to other health insurance plans
  • Accommodation expense coverage for inpatient and day-care treatments
  • Expense coverage for pre-existing and chronic conditions and periodic preventive health check-ups
  • Optional coverage of dental treatment, eye examination, health screenings, pathology tests, life management assistance, and dietetic consultations.

However, some health risks and coverages are typically not included in the health insurance for senior citizens, which are as follows:

  • Diseases or treatments that are not proven or accredited by physicians
  • Medical expenses due to intentional injuries or self-harm
  • Maternity expenses
  • Coverage/reimbursement for experimental therapies
  • Cosmetic treatment expenses

However, inclusions and exclusion of coverages and benefits vary from one plan to another, and the policyholder needs to inform the insurance company about claiming the benefits as mentioned in the health plan.

Things to consider before buying Medical Insurance for Senior Citizens

Here are a few points to consider while selecting health insurance for older people:

  • Critical illness coverage - Aging people are susceptible to certain critical illnesses, hence, it is crucial to look for health insurance policies that provide coverage for such critical illnesses.
  • Domiciliary care and ancillary service coverage – Physicians might prescribe prolonged and individualized care and treatments to elderly people due to their inability to move or fragile health conditions. Hence, the selected health plan must partially or fully cover such expenses.
  • Shorter waiting period – It would be wise to opt for medical insurance plans with shorter wait periods as higher waiting periods might restrict the policyholder from accessing medical benefits in times of need.
  • Pre-existing illness coverage – Health issues are not uncommon in elderly people; hence one should opt for an insurance plan with pre-existing illness coverage.
  • Co-payment clause – Consider checking on the co-payment clause of the insurance plan in detail if applicable.

Tips to find the best Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Finding a suitable health insurance plan for elders can be a tough choice. Here are some tips to ease up the task:

  • Shop around online to find the most suitable senior citizen plan
  • Check out the reputation of insurance service providers via their social media handles
  • Stick with plans that offer more coverage with less premium
  • Opt for health insurance plans that come with lifetime renewability
  • Incline towards health insurance providers who have an extensive network of hospitals and offer cashless facilities

Protect your Parents with Health Insurance from Cigna

With increasing age, our elders at home need more medical attention which may add up to the expenses. Health insurance offered by Cigna as a part of the Healthguard plan is designed for senior citizens to sublime the financial strain caused by frequent medical expenses as it aims to provide access to affordable and quality healthcare. Cigna healthguard plan is exclusively crafted for the residents or those working in the Emirate of Dubai or the Northern Emirates and helps them proactively manage their health needs, particularly for the elders at home. With its connection to an extensive network of hospitals, Cigna offers quick and easy access to quality healthcare facilities and professionals round the clock to ensure the policyholder a healthy and stress-free retirement life.

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