How to Create Stress Free Environment

How to Create Stress Free Environment

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The fight to stay afloat and build a successful company that makes its mark governs professionals across the globe. As an employer, it is only natural to feel that your employees are feeling stressed now and then at the workplace. Stress remains a key concern in the UAE, "with 91 percent reporting stress at work."1

Thankfully, there are many ways to ensure that your employees lead a stress-free life and stay healthier as they achieve their professional goals. Let's learn about a few easy ones.

Declutter the workspace by either building adequate furniture to accommodate all files, office supplies, and other various supplies, or by discarding whatever is not required. A deep clean once every fortnight plays a pivotal role in ensuring less stress as it not only leads to a clean environment but also reduces workplace absences due to spreadable illnesses.

Proper ventilation, natural daylight, bright wall colors, the right temperature, and other positive environmental changes are a few different ways to ensure that the environment your employees work in is motivating. "A study into the psychological aspects of lighting by B.L. Collins found that 35% of employees instantly identified the absence of natural light as the major concern associated with their office environment, resulting in feelings of isolation, tension, and claustrophobia."2

Depending upon the availability of space, introduce elements like board games, courts for ball games, and an in-house gym. Any form of physical activity is instrumental in keeping underlying ailments in check and reducing the stress employees feel during work hours.

Add a personal touch by encouraging your employees to decorate their workstations with personal belongings such as photo frames, their favorite coffee mugs, motivational badges, and other personal effects. Having something familiar around adds to the comfort level.

Two human minds can never be totally in sync. More so, when we are talking about hundreds of people working in the same office. The occasional conflict is quite unavoidable in offices. However, the best way to resolve it is to have proper channels such as face-to-face meetings and counselling, through which the employees can share their part of the story and arrive at a conclusion. With "more than half of those who sought professional help"3 finding it "very effective in managing their stress," 3 professional intervention is a no-brainer solution.

 Small practices like the ones above can go a long way in ensuring that your company's work culture improves and your employees feel safe and stress-free while working. 




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