How to Keep Fit and Healthy During the Festive Season
December 2018   HEALTH AWARENESS

How to Keep Fit and Healthy During the Festive Season

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Getting swept up in the holiday spirit is remarkably easy. It's the time of year when invitations to company and social holiday parties flood our inboxes and we tend to overindulge in food, drink and retail therapy. While you don't have to to deprive yourself of fun outings with colleagues and loved ones, practicing mindfulness and restraint is key.
More often than we like to remember, we tend to consume and spend extravagantly during holidays. This can take a toll on our health, well-being and our wallets, especially if you are watching your weight or managing a health condition, such as high blood pressure.
Instead of making 'go on a diet' one of your resolutions for the new year, here are a few things you can keep in mind during this festive season:

Be picky - Try not to fill your plate with everything that's put out on the dinner table. Be selective and choose the foods you love the most.
Wait before taking seconds - It take a while before signals reach your brain telling you that you are full. Take a break when you have  gone through your first helping of food. Drink water, make conversation and then recheck your appetite. You might now have second thoughts about going for another round and prefer to save room for dessert later.
Avoid skipping meals - You may feel like giving a breakfast or afternoon meal a miss because you have a heavy dinner party but doing this only adds to the calorie intake when you finally eat.
Squeeze in a short workout - Don't be too hard on yourself if you cannot make time for your regular workout routine but maintain balance. Even a quick 15-minute exercise, whether it be a run or stroll outdoors, is better than nothing.
Opt for homecooked meals - It's important to remember unhealthy changes to your eating habits can lead to inflammatory changes in the body and can worsen existing problems such as diabetes.Stock your fridge with fresh, healthy ingredients such as vegetables, whole grains and fruits available when cooking your favorite holiday meals.


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