Learn About Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Insurance

Learn About Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Insurance

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Medical evacuation and repatriation insurance

What is medical evacuation and repatriation insurance?

As a citizen or an expat, focusing on your safety and security should be one of your primary goals. However, medical emergencies and requirements can happen at any time. To ensure that you receive the correct medical help if faced with an injury or illness, you must include medical evacuation insurance in your health insurance plan. Under a medical evacuation and repatriation insurance plan, individuals who face a grave injury or fall severely ill, can be transported to another city in the same country or to another country to receive better medical treatment. The transportation process is followed only if the treatment required is not available in their current place of residence where the incident occurred. An emergency medical evacuation is usually covered in health insurance plans. Though a medical evacuation insurance cover is important for all, it is even more crucial for any expat based in a remote area that is not equipped with adequate health facilities.

Medical evacuation, which is also commonly known as a medevac plan, is usually divided into two types: domestic evacuation plan and international medical evacuation. As the name suggests, under a domestic evacuation plan, you will be shifted to a hospital within the same country. The transportation could be carried out by land, sea, or air. An international evacuation plan also offers the same services as a domestic evacuation plan. However, in the international plan, you will be shifted to a hospital outside of a country.

Medevac insurance is different from repatriation insurance. So, what is repatriation insurance? The primary difference lies in the place of transportation. Unlike in a medevac where you are transported to the nearest hospital, in repatriation insurance, you will be transported to your home country for any ongoing or urgent medical treatment. If you happen to fall under such circumstances in a foreign land and you do not have repatriation insurance, you might end up spending a huge sum of money. Hence, to always stay ahead, when it comes to safety, you must include medevac and repatriation insurance alongside your health insurance plan (if it does not already cover them) to avoid uninsured and exorbitant medical evacuation costs and medical repatriation costs from your own pocket.


Get medical evacuation and repatriation insurance benefits with our Cigna Healthguard plan

The Cigna Healthguard Plan offers medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. It covers the transportation costs to any nearest hospital or medical center in the event of an emergency treatment which is not available locally. It even includes the coverage for repatriation. What’s more, Cigna understands how important familial relationships are and what it means to have someone from the family near us in the event of a medical emergency. And hence, Cigna offers coverage for compassionate visits of a parent, spouse, partner, sibling, or child.

To know more about this plan, you can check the points below:

Medical Evacuation

As already mentioned above, emergencies do not knock and come. They can surprise us at any moment. While being a victim of such a situation can already be a painful ordeal, the thoughts concerning the costs of the treatments can be stressful too. We do not want you to compromise on your safety due to a lack of facilities or high expenses. Cigna offers medevac insurance that covers various services that can help you recover quickly. Our coverage includes transportation to the nearest center of medical excellence if the treatment is not available locally in an emergency. We even provide coverage for transportation to the nearest hospital in another country. What’s more, we offer coverage for return costs and taxi fares too. You can take full advantage of all such services and recover in no time.

Medical Repatriation

Medical repatriation insurance coverage is essential for expatriates. If as an expatriate you need urgent medical treatment that is available in your country of habitual residence or nationality, then medical repatriation will help in covering such costs. Cigna offers medical repatriation coverage to ensure the well-being of expatriates, especially during an emergency. It provides coverage to the country of habitual residence or nationality, return tickets to the place from where the expat was evacuated, and taxi fares. As a result, if, as an expat, you ever face an unfortunate medical emergency, you can rely on Cigna to help you get quick treatment in your home country.

Learn more about the benefits in detail by clicking here.

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