All about Maternity Insurance in UAE

All about Maternity Insurance in UAE

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Maternity insurance

What to consider while choosing Medical Insurance with Maternity Cover

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes. So, it is important to keep a tab of everything related to her health for her well-being. Also, her health is directly connected to her unborn baby’s health. This is one of the primary reasons why a woman should ensure regular visits to the doctor during her pregnancy and even after it. However, the costs surrounding pregnancy can burn a hole in your pocket if your health insurance plan does not have maternity coverage. If you are married, and if you are planning to have a baby, then you are eligible to get insurance for pregnancy in UAE. A comprehensive maternity insurance policy will cover the costs of your pregnancy from end-to-end. The costs related to pregnancy in Dubai, including prenatal care and postnatal care, can be anywhere between AED 20,000 approx. to AED 30,000 approx. and even more, depending on the type of delivery.

Many plans related to medical insurance that cover pregnancy and delivery also include coverage for prenatal, postnatal, and neonatal care. If you wish to get the maximum benefit, then you must check whether your pregnancy insurance policy offers coverage for the mentioned aspects or not. You should also check the hospitals that are covered under your maternity policy. However, before you finally choose maternity insurance or health insurance with maternity cover, you must also check the moratorium on the policy that you are planning to select. A moratorium means the waiting period that is specified by the insurer before you can make a claim. During this period, the charges related to your pregnancy will not be incurred by your insurer. So, you can check it and plan accordingly.

To get all these benefits, we recommend you check the Cigna medical insurance with maternity cover, as it offers a wide range of comprehensive plans.

Learn about the waiting period for Maternity Insurance

Most of the insurance companies that offer maternity insurance will generally have a waiting period of about 6 to 12 months before you or one of the dependents can choose to make a maternity claim. This waiting period for a pregnancy insurance claim is a precautionary measure that prevents the loss of money to the insurer in case of any immediate claims.

Maternity coverage for already pregnant women

In case you or one of your dependents are expecting, the insurance company, offering Health Insurance with Maternity Cover, may deny the claim or may increase the medical insurance premium by about AED 25,000 to account for the cost of child delivery and cover any complications that may arise before, during or after the delivery. If you don’t have an active maternity insurance plan, then you can check out maternity packages that are offered by private hospitals. Government health cards in the UAE are another way to avail reasonably priced treatments at public hospitals. If you still wish to get maternity insurance, then depending on the chosen maternity insurance plan and coverage, you can claim the cost of delivery in the UAE, along with consultations with the obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN), ultrasound scans, hospital stays and other related tests.

Ensure mother and baby care with Cigna Healthguard Maternity Insurance Coverage Benefits

The Cigna Healthguard plan offers both inpatient and outpatient maternity coverage benefits. Apart from providing hospital and childbirth services, it offers coverage for prenatal, post-natal, and neonatal care services too. To know more about the coverage that it offers check the points below:

Prenatal care

The following are the maternity insurance benefits that are covered by Cigna under prenatal care:

  • A maximum of 8 visits to the obstetrician to ensure good health of you and your baby throughout the prenatal period.
  • Coverage for consultation with specialist obstetricians for special or complicated cases, so that your pregnancy journey is uncomplicated.
  • Coverage for tests such as blood tests, ultrasounds, and other related imaging tests is provided to keep track of your health as well as your baby’s health.
  • Ante-natal ultrasound scans.
  • Appointment(s).
  • All types of scanning tests that are required are covered to check your baby’s growth and your health.
  • Bishops score and membrane sweep procedures are also covered to ensure a smooth labor.
  • All visits including reviews, checks and tests in accordance with ante-natal protocols are covered for high-risk patients.

Hospital stay and childbirth

Though pregnancy is an exciting phase for new to-be parents or parents expecting another child, it can also bring forth a myriad of other emotions, including anxiety. You might get anxious thinking about the hospital stay, childbirth procedures, and the costs that accompany such services. We, at Cigna, understand this, and to ensure that you experience only happiness and bliss during pregnancy, we will take care of things like the hospital stay, childbirth services, and any medical condition that might arise during your stay in the hospital. So, you won’t have to worry about such things.

The hospitality and childbirth services are segregated into three sections. Check them below:

Postnatal care

At Cigna, we believe in providing end-to-end maternity coverage. Right from the time you are pregnant till the time you are healthy again after childbirth, you can rely on our support and services.

After ensuring the safe and sound birth of the child, Cigna strives to keep the mother healthy by providing coverage for post-natal services following a routine or complicated childbirth, if required by the mother.

Neonatal/Newborn Care

Cigna not only ensures the well-being of the mother but also of the newborn. If the newborn suffers from any illness or has any congenital or other defects during pregnancy, then Cigna offers coverage for such cases too. It even includes coverage for neonatal screening tests, hearing tests, and other related tests.

Get enhanced maternity care services with our mother and baby care module

If you wish to enjoy more maternity insurance benefits from Cigna during your pregnancy period, you can go for the optional Cigna Mother and Baby Care module. It includes a host of comprehensive benefits that cover costs related to prenatal and postnatal tests, examinations, routine maternity check-ups, homebirth, and newborn care. It also provides coverage related to non-life-threatening congenital conditions and birth defects. As a result, both the baby and the mother will be thoroughly taken care of before and after the delivery. You can opt for this module only upon policy inception or renewal. To know more about this module, you can click here.

Is maternity insurance mandatory in the UAE?

In Dubai, under the Dubai Health Insurance Law (11) of 2013, it is mandatory to have a health insurance policy that includes maternity coverage. The law also mandates employers to provide such coverage to their employees.

For more details download our Cigna Healthguard brochure here.

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