Learn About Student Health Insurance
September 2022   HEALTH AWARENESS

Learn About Student Health Insurance

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Health insurance for students

Learn About Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is often not considered a necessity primarily because students are less vulnerable to health issues and have high vitality. However, the truth is health insurance for students is as necessary as it is for others, specifically for students who are planning to travel abroad for higher studies. Some countries mandate health insurance for all expats and residents in the country. Hence if you are too planning to pursue higher education in other foreign countries, here are a few reasons why medical insurance is necessary for students.

Why do Students Need Health Insurance Plans?

We live in uncertain times where health issues are not uncommon irrespective of age and health status, hence health insurance is essential to cover the expenses caused for emergency and non-emergency medical reasons. Following are some reasons why students need insurance plans:

Coverage for health care expenses

Health insurance plans for students meet all the expenses related to health emergencies during their stay in foreign countries. These health insurance plans further provide the facility of cashless hospitalization for insured students. Additionally, student health insurance offers endless health benefits like in-patient, day-care facilities, dental care, selected pre-existing health conditions, critical illness coverage, and many such health benefits.

Coverage for expenses related to good mental health

Students must juggle various mental activities and handle the pressure of their studies, exams, and careers all at once. Health insurance plans for students may cover the costs of such therapies and may even arrange for wellness programs to maintain the good health of the insured students.

Coverage for evacuation and repatriation

Some student health insurance plan may cover the costs of evacuation and repatriations which mean that if your local health providers are unable to provide you with the required treatment, the insurance will bear the entire cost of transporting you to the place where the treatment is available and back to the place of your stay.

Pre-requisite for immigration

Many foreign universities require health insurance for interested students before confirming their admission; hence, health insurance fulfils the admission threshold without any complication or hindrance.

What does Student Health Insurance Plan Cover?

Health insurance plans for students are specially designed to provide them with certain health benefits, the types of benefits may differ from one plan to another. Following are some coverages that are typically offered by Student health insurance plans:

  • Cashless hospitalization for insured students
  • Covers medical expenses in foreign countries
  • Covers diagnostic and ancillary services
  • Covers the cost of treatment in the resident country
  • Covers repatriation cost

Suppose you are a student staying away from your home. In that case, a health insurance plan will provide you the peace of mind of receiving the best healthcare facility irrespective of your financial restrictions.

Which Plan is Best Suited for a Student?

It is important to choose a health plan diligently as it bears your financial burden during a medical emergency. Here are some points to consider while selecting the best student health insurance plan:

  • Health benefits included and excluded in the plan
  • Feedback about the insurance provider from its existing customers of the insurance provider
  • Network of partner hospitals
  • Wait period of the insurance
  • Insurance premium and total sum-assured
  • Critical and pre-existing health issues coverage
  • Coverage of pre/post treatment charges
  • Inclusion of day-care facilities and ancillary services
  • Special clauses included in the plan
  • Procedure of submitting claims

Cigna Health Insurance for Students

Whether you are a student planning to go abroad for higher studies or a parent you must choose a plan that suits the lifestyle and needs of the insured. While staying away from home there are many challenges a student must face, hence they must have a comprehensive health plan by their side to help them out in times of medical emergency. Cigna offers health insurance plans specially crafted to suit the need of the students to ensure them a healthy stay in foreign countries and pursue their aspirations.

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