The Importance of Employee Assistance Programs
February 2020   HEALTH AWARENESS

The Importance of Employee Assistance Programs

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Importance of employee assistance program

The Importance of Employee Assistance Programs

With the rising levels of stress in the workplace, it is essential for employee to have a resource they can turn to. Employees face several challenges that include – and are not limited to – coworker conflicts, heavy workloads, job security and personal problems.

Employee assistance programs are designed to help employees manage these challenges.

What is an employee assistance program?

An employee assistance program is a benefit that is offered to employees to help manage a variety of potential challenges that might affect job performance. These include:

  • Conflicts in the workplace
  • Mental health issues
  • Health and caregiving issues
  • Legal and family advice
  • Grief counseling

When employees have access to these benefits, they feel like they have their employers’ support during tough times. All employees, no matter how hard-working and dedicated they may be, have difficulty with balancing work and personal issues. This is where EAPs step in.

Managers can also be helpful in communicating the purpose of an EAP. If they know that an employee is struggling in their personal life, they can provide details about the EAP to that employee.

Key benefits of EAPs to employers

  • Employee productivity is improved
  • EAPs help the company save money
  • EAPs improve employee retention

Offering EAPs to employees conveys that the employer and human resources are genuinely concerned about the employee’s happiness, but it also helps increase workplace productivity. Employees know that if they have a difficult time in their lives, there are resources that can help them navigate those situations.



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