Data Protection (Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia)

Data protection (Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia)

All personal and sensitive data (as defined in the Saudi Arabia Personal Data Protection Law Royal Decree M/19 of 9/2/1443H and amended by Royal Decree No. M147 of 5/9/1444H, the “PDPL” and its executive regulations) that you provide to Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia directly or through authorised third parties (i.e. health care providers, brokers or someone else on your behalf) will be collected (or may be collected on behalf of) the Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia company that provides the insurance cover or the health services to you (“Services”) as can be found in your member booklet or certificate of insurance.

This company will be the data controller of the personal and sensitive data collected. Your personal and sensitive data is collected and used in order to provide the Services you are entitled to. Please refer to the data protection notice that has been provided to you for further details of how we handle and protect your personal and sensitive data.

You can be reassured that Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia only collects and processes your personal and sensitive data for the legitimate interests of providing our Services to you and in compliance with our obligations with the PDPL and only discloses personal and sensitive data with other authorised parties if necessary for achieving the legitimate interests of providing you with the Services.